WooCommerce Pinpoint SMS

Increase customer engagement with SMS order notifications.  WooCommerce Pinpoint SMS is a configurable plugin that allows you to determine when SMS notifications are sent, how they appear (using simple templates) and offers a simple checkbox opt-in for your customers to request SMS updates for their orders.  WC Pinpoint SMS can send you notices when orders are received or canceled.  You can even send individual one-time SMS notifications from your admin dashboard.

Order Notifications

You have complete control and can determine which notifications will be sent when different order “events” occur. Additionally, you can customize the content and format of each message using simple templates (much like the WooCommerce email templates). 

Customer SMS Notifications can be configured to send when:

  • An order is being processed
  • An order is on hold
  • A customer note has been added to an order
  • An order has been fully or partially refunded
  • An order has been completed.

SMS Notifications can be configured to send to the store admin when:

  • A new order is received
  • An order has been canceled
  • An order failed

Notification Customization

All SMS Notifications are customizable using templates similar to those used for sending emails in WooCommerce.

Customer opt-out

Customers have the ability to opt-out of receiving notifications on their order. To faclitate the opt-in/out, WC Pinpoint SMS will make minor changes to the billing phone number on the checkout page.