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Data Rate Converter

A simple utility app to convert data rates or throughputs. Conversions are updated continuously as the size and units are changed.

Data units include b, kbit, kibit, mbit, mibit, B, KB, KiB, MB, MiB, GB, GiB, TB, TiB, PB, PiB, EB, EiB, ZB, ZiB, YB and YiB.

Time units include seconds, minutes, hours, days, months and years.

The swap buttons allow you to easily exchange the source and result values or the total data and total time values to “back into” or double check any of your calculations.

Email, text or copy the results of your calculation for easy communication.

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Tunes Logger

A Mac OSX utility to monitor iTunes and log information about each track that plays to a text file. Options can be set to include various information about each track and to create a comma delimited or a tab delimited text file — which can be easily imported into Excel, Sheets or Google Docs.

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Hero Dog

Help Hero Dog find his way out of each magical paintball maze. Use the magic paintballs to expose the invisible maze walls and find the exit to escape! Pop balloons to earn more paintballs!

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